Using Powerful Reinforcers with Reward Boards!

Teachers need to be clear on how to deliver a reinforcer for effective learning. When, where and how many reinforcers will determine how long the learning lasts and how rapidly they learn.

When I’m teaching something new the more frequently I reinforce. When presenting a new task or skill I arrange things so that every successful effort results in a powerful reinforcer.

I find the “Reward Boards” works best! and I deliver it in a variety of ways, tailored with students individual motivators.

Token boards – A token is used like an IOU and once collected can be exchange for the actual reinforcer. Students can start off collecting 1 token before gaining their reinforcer and build up to 10 tokens once the concept is mastered and they’re ready to learn longer.

Reinforcer icons are placed along the bottom of the card, students choose one before the task begins and tokens are distributed throughout the task!

First and Then strategies and Reward Board choices are also a great tool to run along side this reward system!

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