Teaching Play Skills

My Cook Book will Teach play skills using visual instructions.

Home pretend play visuals for cooking and Communication. Students with Autism/Special Education often find pretend play difficult. I’ve found that using visuals and sequencing the lesson will assist in developing these play skills within your student.

Visuals and recipes Included

How to make a Beef burger

How to make a Hot dog

How to make fries

This Cook Book is designed for students who have limited play and verbal skills.

  • The visuals assists in the early stages of pretend play
  • learn the sequence of pretend play
  • Enable students to engage in play
  • They’re able to practice steps with common play food.
  • Can use visuals to request what they want to make, what they will need and practice vocabulary.

To make up the Cook Book

  • Cut out pages
  • laminate and bind
  • cut out visuals and laminate

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