Back to School

A resource to help you get to know new students and for them to practice
sharing information about themselves.

These simple All about me passport pages are perfect for kids in pre-k, kindergarten and Special Education, I use these with my new students yearly and are a great way to start my morning lesson, especially now that I’ve popped them in a binder to use over and over again!

This interactive resource allows my kids with limited reading and writing skills use the visuals to share a few important things about themselves.  

I love getting to know my new kids and this activity binder make it quick and easy to find out their likes and dislikes and assess the visual learners basic skills!

I’ve adapt this activity for kids into 2 different levels of learning, one with pictures and the other with just the word. Included in these pages are:-

Name space (students can practice their name )
My gender is
My hair colour is
My eye colour is
My favorite colour
My favorite pet
My favorite toy
My favorite food
My favorite drink
My favorite snack
I know my shapes
I know my colours
I know my numbers
This is me (where your student can draw himself)

All About me

It is part of my All about me bundle in my TPT store.

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