Helping with Personal Behavior Management.

Being able to regulate behavior is an essential critical skill to learn, so I’ve designed booklets for my students with Autism, Special Ed and the Preschool students in my school. This visual tool is intended to help them identify how they feel and what they would need to be ready for work! They turned out to be a great asset in my classroom calm down area.

Each of my kiddos are constantly using the visuals to remind themselves on how to get in the “ready” for work area. They can choose the supports they need and attach them on the page if they find themselves wandering out!
There are some books with three area tabs and some with four areas identified and each have visual supports for students to check how they feel, what area they are in and what they would need to do to get back area ready to work.

I’ve also added a “Tool Book” to this collection, which my kiddos equally love using!

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