“5 Fun and Effective Token Reward Board Ideas for Preschool Special Education Students”

Using Token Reward Strategies can help your students learn new skills, develop positive habits, and build confidence. Below I’ve listed some of the Token Reward Boards that we find effective in our SPED classroom:

  1. The Picture Board: A picture board is an excellent way to engage young learners who are still developing their reading skills. You can create a board with pictures of various rewards, such as stickers, small toys, or even a favorite activity. When a student earns a certain number of tokens, they can choose a picture from the board as their reward.
  2. The Themed Board: A themed board can be a fun and creative way to encourage positive behavior. You can create a board that corresponds with a current unit of study, such as Summer Time or the Farm Animals. Each time a student demonstrates positive behavior, they can earn a token that corresponds to the theme.
  3. The Color-Coded Board: A color-coded board can be a simple and effective way to track progress and reward positive behavior. You can assign each student a color, and when they earn a token, they can add it to their designated color section. This can help students see their progress and encourage healthy competition.
  4. The Token Exchange: This token reward board involves giving students the ability to exchange their earned tokens for rewards that they value. For example, students can earn tokens for positive behavior, and then exchange these tokens for privileges or items such as extra computer time, or a favourite toy.
  5. The Goal Board: A goal board can be a powerful tool for helping students set and achieve their goals. You can create a board with specific goals, such as not shouting out, completing tasks, sharing with friends or listening to Teacher. Each time a student reaches a goal, they can earn a token towards a larger reward.

The key to making successful boards is to make them engaging and personalized for students, so they are motivated to earn tokens and achieve their goals.

By incorporating fun and engaging themes, colors, and rewards, you can help students develop new skills, build confidence, and achieve their goals.

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