Keep Students Organised in SPED

Keeping an organised class has been much easier since I created My daily planner for my young learners.

On Page 1,2 – About me

Pages 3-4 include days of the week and seasons

pg. 5-6 schedules

pg. 7-8 working for

pg. 9 -10 When I’m feeling angry

Once laminated I gave out dry wipe markers for my students to jot down their name, grade and class, followed by teachers name, their friends name, things they like and things they don’t.

There are pages with the days of the week for my student to practice and tick off what day it is and same for seasons.

I’ve added pages for them to write out their daily schedule and tick off as they go though it.

Working for cards and reward choice were a exciting addition!

What to remember when you feel angry, “first and then” when frustrations grow and what I need visuals has made “My Daily Planner” a valuable resource for any pre school, Autism or Special Ed Classroom.

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