Token Board Ideas

Token Boards can come in all shapes and sizes but they all should do the same thing… Motivate, Regulate and Reinforce Positive Behavior.

With the Summer term fast approaching I wanted to incorporate some fun and uniqueness into my Boards!


Funny looking I know! but fresh and engaging for the last term with my little brigade.

Children in my class learn and work at different levels and use token reward systems with motivators they’ve chosen, so I made sure there was a place for the motivator picture and a bunch of others to alternate between if needed. I always adapt the Boards to meet each child’s interests and needs, this in its self makes them unique enough to motivate them to learn in my busy classroom.

Token are used like an IOU and once collected can be exchanged for the actual reinforcer they’ve chosen. Students can start off collecting 3 token before gaining their reinforcer and build up to 10 tokens once the concept is mastered and they’re ready to learn a little longer.

Reinforcers are offered before the task starts and tokens are distributed throughout.

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