Behavior Problems you can Fix

Tips for SPED Teachers

Number 1

Tantrums, anger and aggression can be triggered for a number of reasons, usually sensory stimulus, demands for items or food, are often communicated in these negative ways. Teaching more appropriate ways to recognise and communicate these feelings is one way to start fixing such behaviors.

Number 2

To prevent problems and support appropriate behavior there are general principles to keep in mind. Use structure, take control and set boundaries.

Number 3

Once anger, fear or panic is displayed I redirect my student to a quiet area and give him opportunities to use these visuals to identify and understand how he is feeling and what he needs to help him feel better.

Number 4

Reassuring students and offering opportunities to teach calming strategies should be taken often, even before situations arise.

Number 5

Learning these new skills using a visual support system will help your students to see what is expected and accept what’s needed to develop important functionable social skills and independence.

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