Spring Math Ideas for Pre-K

Spring Math ideas for my Pre-K Classroom

I’m bring Bugs to my independent Math centre! I’ve added creepy crawlers to an interactive selection of pages that cover some basic math skills that my young learners can practice and enjoy!

I’ve laminated these boards and popped them in a binder for my Kido’s to practice over and over again. For other students I print them out so they can use them as a cut and paste activities while my high level can write the answers using dry wipe markers.

These games are quick and easy to make up, simply laminate and Velcro and pop in a binder or printout for worksheets.

Matching numbers to 5 with the ladybugs

Match numbers to 5 with the caterpillar

Count and Match numbers to 5 with the bees

Ordering numbers to 5

Order numbers to 5

Find the missing number to 5

Counting to 5

Sequencing bugs

plus more games and matching pieces

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