Easter Hunt, Math Ideas for busy Classrooms

I’m always looking for ways to keep my Math lessons exciting and interesting, so when holiday events come around I don’t miss the opportunity to get creative! Easter hunts are always motivating! so this activity was an easy way to introduce basic math skills such as counting to tell the number of objects and recording the amounts.

I started with Easter craft materials that I’d bought from the cheap store and made activity mats to correspond with the items. A magnify glass was a handy tool that helped them hunt through the basket, find the items on the list and matching them to the picture!

I encouraged my students to count the objects they found and say the number in order for them to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities. They were able to count and record the amounts by using the plastic number to correspond.

This activity gave my young learners a lot of fun and the chance to explore, Count and record the number of Easter items. I loved the way it kept them motivated enough to practice these skills without realising!

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