Positive Behavior Management

I have bundled together 5 of my best selling Behaviour Tools for Classrooms Management!
These tool have become so successful in supporting students and staff throughout our school that I decided to share them with everyone.

  1. Visual Key-ring SupportThis support key-ring has been used with our students to learn new skills such as requesting “break please”, “help” and “wait” self -management strategies.
  2. Areas of Regulation Tools for Behaviour Management – I’ve created this product to run along with the Areas of Regulations, making tools individually accessible for my students to use in each of the areas.
  3. Visual Support Self-Management Cards – These Support Cards were made a little bit bigger than the size of an index card and I placed a couple of useful visuals on them to use for my students with Autism.
  4. Visual Support Booklet for Behaviour Management, include 8 different designs to choose from. “First and then”, “token reward”, break and help cards are combined in this handy booklet. I added a mini schedule so now my students can keep them with them and take ownership! I’m happy!
  5. “I’m working for” and “first and then” Behaviour Management tool – Autism –Here I combined the first and then with the three star reward token boards and came up with this behaviour management tool. Everything you need on one board, no more fidgeting with 2 boards, its made my life so much easier!

Bundle Here

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