Using Social Skill Supports

To maintain positive interactions with others your students need good social skills so positive interactions will enable them make and sustain friendships.

When difficulties arise some children will need a bit of extra support in order to know what to do and what not to do. These short stories will help children learn about how their own behaviours and how they might affect others.

These great little reads are about recognising other people’s feelings and responding in an understanding and caring way, that students can grab and read or be read to.

Social Narratives are a great strategy for Preschool and Special ED for Behavior and classroom Management.

You can reinforce these behavior strategies by reading regularly in a one to one situation or as part of a group.

Plus Social Strip Reminders

Below are a list of some of my favourite stories that I keep on hand in my classroom. A fantastic Bundle to aid you through behaviour management in your classroom.

No Pinching,
No Biting,
Bad words
Listen to the Teacher,
Stranger Danger,
Being Kind
Class rules
Follow class rules

Hitting Hurts – Story strip,
Quiet in class – story strip,
Staying calm social strip,
Follow class rules strip

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