My Strategies for Behavior Management

Behavior Management can become challenging on a daily basis, especially when you have a class full of busy little learners.

So here I’ve listed a couple of strategies and decided to share the most popular visual tools that my students use everyday.

1. Self Regulation Tools This resource is for my students to use with self regulation. Using “how they feel” and “what is needed” visuals, they are encouraged to express their feelings and learn what they might need to help them get ready to learn.

2. Visual Key ring support – Learning new skills is so important for my little ones, Requesting “Help” “Break” “stop” or “wait” is a huge skill to learn. This support offers opportunities for them to learn these skills and regulate how they feel.

3. Visual support cards I use these to teach new skills such as requesting “break please”, “help” and “wait” self -management strategies and added some visuals to help regulate behavior.

4. Visual support folder Is a place for my students to keep all their daily and most used visuals and supports all in one folder, ideal for carrying with them throughout the day. It incorporates the token economy reward system, daily schedule and other handy visuals.

5. First and Then combined board I combined a board with “First and Then” and Token Rewards. This helps with a more focused lessons and one to one work. By using this strategy my students know what they must complete before having the motivator they’ve chosen. It also provides me with the control over the distribution speed of tokens and become a successful part of my behaviour support plans.

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