Visuals for a Busy Classroom

I’m always looking for new, fresh and fun ideas for my classroom, but this week I’ve been focusing on Communication and Behavior Management. These two major areas can sometimes become a problem and force some of my kids to struggle. I knew I needed to be creative in finding ways to enable them to acquire functional Communication skills as well as strategies to regulate behavior. My kids are visual learners, some non verbal, so having clear visual supports readily adapted for each of them would be a great big advantage and a place to start achieving the well organised and fully functional Special Educational classroom I wanted!

The Categories I needed to start tackling were:-

  1. Supports for Behavior– where my students could learn how to self regulate and take control of their own behavior.
  2. Supports for Communication– For my non-verbal’s to have a voice and understand the world around them.

With that in mind I created 5 SUPPORTS for communication

  1. Daily Planner
  2. My Communication
  3. What I can do when I finish early
  4. Visual Support folder
  5. Self assessing my work

Then I started on the Supports for Behavior

6.Token Economy

7.Behavior Support Folder

8.How I feel – Self Regulation

9.Classroom support cards – Critical Communication

Which resulted in 9 new Supporting Resources for my Classroom!

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