Self Regulating key-ring with visual support!


Learning new skills is so important for our students!  Requesting “Help” “Break” “stop” or “wait” is a huge skill on its own.
This week I want to talk about how we made it a little easier and more fun to teach

“I want a Break/Help”

See Here

keyring vis

How to teach students to use a “Break/help” Card

1. Help your student to realise when they need to use the break/help card, before they get too frustrated or loose concentration. At the start of any activity, show the student the break card and place the card where they can easily reach it.

2 Point to the break/help card and tell them, “This is your break/help card. You can use it to ask for a break.” When your student starts to get frustrated or loose interest, You say “If you are getting upset, use your break card to tell me you need a break/help.”

3. Immediately allow the student to take a break/help from his tasks, or allow the student to move away to the “break area.” I found that self regulating visuals on the bottom of the card is a fantastic way of calming your student while on a break.

4. Requesting is an important part of teaching the student to trust and use the visual support, once they are consistently asking for breaks, you may begin to extend the time between the request and the actual break.

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