Working with Calm Down Cards

These are my Visual Support Self-Management Cards. They have become a fantastic addition to my ever growing calm down area!

These Support Cards I made a little bit bigger than the size of an index card and I placed a couple of useful visuals on them to use with my students in my Special Ed Classroom.

Using these cards in my class has been a life saver, students have learnt new skills such as requesting “a break”, “help” how to “wait” and the “first and then” strategies. These easy to use visual resources are portable and adaptable to individual needs!

Class Support Cards

They have provided structure in my behaviour support plans and I’m able to document their success with running in conjunction with ABA Management’.

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What I’ve included :-

“Wait” cards

“Break” Cards

“Help” Cards

“First, Next, then” Cards

“Token reward” cards

reward tokens

Reward visuals include:-

Xbox (white), laptop, computer, iPad

Xbox (black), game boy, ipod, DVD player

tv, music, bubbles, fidget toy

Doll, book, comic, action figures

sweets, train, play dough, dinosaurs

chocolate buttons, riding car, toy cars, basket ball

bumble ball, ball, bounce on big ball

football, koosh ball, big ball, gutter ball.

4 X of each in colour and BW

Instructions on how to use for each card

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