End of year for Preschool & Special Education

Well the countdown begins! So I’m going to take it easy in the run up to the end of the year. I still like to be prepared for those last few days though, I also want to keep those little ones learning in a fun way and tiny fingers busy, right to the end!

A lot of preschool and children with Special Education can find organising, sequencing and prioritising difficult so I thought Id target some of those skills and keep them practicing.

Keeping my little ones engaged and motivated is important to me, but can be hard work preparing and organising, so having these no-prep sheets ready are a huge life saver and fun for students to work on! I’ve also laminated a copy and popped them in a binder for my students to use at their independent work centres.

For More of my End of year Activities press on the links below.

End of School -no prep Sequencing fun

End of year Flip Book – My summer plans

Things that go together – kindergarten, Autism, Special Ed

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