How I use Token Boards in Special Ed

My students love their individual behaviour supports now I’ve made the token board easily accessible and manageable for little fingers. 

Easy to make up!

Once the pages were printed out I popped them on a file folder and covered them with sticky back plastic. The supporting visuals were cut out individually, laminated and attached to the spaces provided with velcro dots.

How to use

My Students love their personalised folders especially seeing their motivator symbols. Before starting a tasks the student chooses a motivator and place it in the “I’m working for” space. As they work through the task, teachers or support staff give them tokens throughout to keep them motivated. Once all three tokens are given the student can exchange them along with the motivator picture to gain this reward. There’s a space for behavior visuals and a “First and Then” section to keep them on track!

My students are always excited to earn tokens, work hard and earn the reward ….they love it!

They are happy and I am with this positive reward system together in one handy place!

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