Social Skill Supports

Why I use Social Narratives!

Story supports help students in Special Ed understand how to behave or respond in  particular situations.  They provide a visual guide describing various social interactions, situations or behaviours,    The goal of a Social Narrative is to share social information on how to behave in them instances.

Since I’ve introduced these stories into my classroom I have found them helpful for a couple of my students that’s finding certain situations difficult.

I read them both in group work and in one to one sessions, more often when situations become tricky. In some situations I have seen behaviors become more manageable and with supporting activities allows the positive social skills to be practiced. 

Using such a visual guide to describe various social interactions have helped my students to interact with their peers in a more positive way and have helped them to identify social skills that they might miss themselves.

Stories that cover “Class Rules,” and “Being kind to your friends,” Help in Classroom Management. I read these often to remind students how their behaviour affect others.

Some of my students also find social strips useful, these are so handy! printed off and laminated and attach to desks for quick reminders.

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