7 Meaningful End-of-Year Gift Ideas for Special Education

Giving gifts to your students can be a great way to show how much you care when saying “goodbye” at the end of a busy school year!  It only takes a token gift to say enjoy your summer break, see you next term or good luck in your new class for students to feel appreciated.

Sometimes though it can be overwhelming trying to find that one meaningful gift that is appropriate in a class with such varying abilities and needs.

Receiving gifts is exciting for both you and your students, but making each gift special depends on your budget, your time and the pupil its for, so I’ve listed some ideas for you to think about:

Gifts Ideas

1. FIDGET TOYS – Sensory toys such as fidget spinners, stress balls, or tactile balls can be helpful for students who need sensory stimulation to focus or calm down.  You can find these in various textures, shapes, and sizes to suit different needs.

2. CERTIFICATES AND MEDALS – Create personalized certificates that recognize each student’s unique strengths and accomplishments. Draped medals for an added touch and certificates can look great framed and presented to students at a ceremony or graduation.

3. MEMORY BOOKS – A memory book that captures the special moments and achievements of the school year. Include any pictures, drawings,  from the students and add photos to make the book more personal and meaningful.

4. GIFT BAGS – Create gift bag! tailored to each student’s interests and preferences. Fill the bag with items such as books, toys, fidgets, and snacks to make them more enjoyable.

5. ART SUPPLIES – Art supplies such as adaptive scissors, pencil grips, or weighted crayons can help students with fine motor difficulties to participate in art activities. These supplies can be helpful for developing their hand-eye coordination and creativity.

6. PUZZLES – Board games and puzzles are great gifts for promoting social skills and cognitive development. Choose games and puzzles that are age-appropriate and have clear rules and instructions to ensure turn taking and waiting.

7. BOOKS – Reading materials with favourite characters. Choose books with large text, pictures and simple language to make them accessible. Personalise them with class, who its from and dates on the inside cover. 

Choosing gifts for students in Special Ed requires careful consideration, and personalized gifts are all excellent options for Special Education students. Whatever gift you choose the most important thing is to show your students that you care and support them in their learning journey!