Special Education Activities for the First Week of School!

I know that the start of a new school year can be a stressful time for students and teachers alike. But with a little bit of planning and creativity, we can make the first week of school a fun and engaging time for everyone.

I’ve come up with some fun activities over the years that help my students get to know each other, build relationships with their peers, and feel comfortable in their new Classroom. Not only are these activities great to start off a new school year, but they also provide opportunities to show individual levels of social skills and understanding.

One of my favorite first-week activities is the name game. It’s a simple icebreaker that involves each student sharing their name and one thing they like. It’s a great way to help students learn each other’s names and interests, and it often leads to some fun and unexpected conversations.

Another activity that I love is the classroom scavenger hunt. I create a list of items for students to find around the classroom, such as a pencil, a sharpener, and they can tick off when they find them. This activity helps students become familiar with their surroundings and encourages them to work together.

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I often have my students create an all about me poster, I give them a template to start their “All about me Poster” with place for “My Name”, what I like, favorite things and hobbies. Once everyone has finished we hang the posters around the room so everyone can see them.

I hope these activities inspire you with your planning for the first week back to school after a long Summer Break. But remember, get creative and make the classroom inviting too, with a little bit of work you can create a positive environment that will help your student feel welcome and supported!

Back-to-School Ideas for Creating a Positive Learning Environment!